Canit Open the File- Error Message in Zip File

The article explains the procedure for creating a zip file in Windows computer. The instructions compiled here are simple and correct to time frame. We still recommend you to follow them cautiously to avoid facing Windows problems during based. A zip or compressed file occupies less space and can be transferred quickly from one computer to another in order to an unzipped file. Considering this, you may want to create a zip file in your Windows computer. Here is your Windows support guide that will help you create a zip file easily and quickly.

how to unzip files : First look for that file (or folder) that you require to create as a zip one. Afterwards, right click on the file, select Send To and afterwards Compressed (Zipped) Folder. Completely now see a new zip folder in the same location where your file is located. You can unzip this file whenever the need arises. If at any time you need to add more files, folders etc. to your zip folder, you can complete the work in two ways. The number one way is to open the zip file or folder and copy and paste the files using their company locations or folders going without running shoes.

Or else, you can drag and drop files into your zipped track. The second way is to drag and drop the files right over the zipped folder that you previously devised. Windows will add all these files automatically to your zipped file or folder. Since you could have created a zipped file or folder now, additionally, you will extract its contents in the later course or whenever there is a requirement. Thus, you should know how to extract a zip file’s contents to view or change them as desired.